Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Increase Traffic to your shop

I have found through trial and error that the more you post on different web sites the more traffic you will get to your shop. I used to just post in the Etsy Forums, but now I try to post wherever I can. I also have Google Analytics which shows what web site that people used to get to your shop. It is a very useful tool.
Twitter is a great place to post on. You can post your items, or your web site, or your shop, or wherever you sell you items. It is also a good practice to make other posts than just promoting. It is also a plus if you check out what other people have posted. This is also true in the Forums. Post your items but also check out others posts.
If you follow on some blogs, you evidently can get referrals from them. In the Google Analytics I have referrals from web sites I did not even know about, but some that I know I am following. The biggest problem with selling on the Internet is to direct people to your shop or web site. This takes a lot of time but will pay off in the end.
Just since I started promoting on Twitter visits to my store on etsy has increased 68%. I can also tell the increase especially when I post a new item. When I post and do not promote it except on the Forums I will get a few views, when I post it on Twitter within the hour it has over 20 views.
Participating in the gift guides on the Threadartists blog has also referred people to my store. So the trick to selling is not a trick at all, it is just self promotion.

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  1. You are so right and Facebook is a good one too. I think twitter is the best, but like you said you must enjoy the frienship and chat. If you only promote in every post it will cause followers to "unfollow" you



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