Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Learning an Embroidery Sewing Machine

Last year while I was still working I purchased an Embroidery machine. Well a whole year past and the only thing I did on it was to make sure it worked by doing the test design. Now that I retired I decided it was time to tackle it. Tackle is an understatement. They are not as easy as you think and I have sewn for over 40 years and used numerous different machines.
In reading the instructions I found out that this machine has to be oiled if it is not operated it for any length of time. I haven’t had a machine that required oiling in numerous years, so off to the store to get sewing machine oil. Now to take the machine apart to oil it, wonder if I will be able to put it back together, hope so.
Completed one part of the oiling, the bobbin and feed dogs. Getting the needle plate off was easy enough, but putting it back on with the bobbin case didn’t seem to work properly. After ten minutes I finally turned the hand wheel and the bobbin case then went flat enough for the needle plate to fit properly.
I decided I better see if it sewed properly before attaching all the embroidery equipment, but I had to change to a regular foot. Found the foot and took the embroidery foot off. Removed the screw completely the way the show in the pictures, could not get the screw to engage. So took the foot away, started the screw part way and then slid the foot up and tightened the screw.
Started sewing, oops forgot to engage the feed dogs, so it sewed in one spot. Engaged the feed dogs and then the sewing was really loose, oops forgot to set the tension for sewing not embroidery. Well it does so, so I guess I have to re-attach all the embroidery stuff.
I am not mechanically inclined, I can sew and crochet and do many other things, but dealing with the mechanics is really hard. Plus if anyone knows what the best thread to use for an embroidery machine please leave a comment. I had purchase a small set of Gutermann thread but notice a lot of designs call for Mediera thread. Well enough of this, back to set up the machine for embroidery, hopefully a lot quicker than oiling it.

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  1. Boy do I know this feeling!! I have also seen that Madiera thread is used a lot out there, but someone gave me a whole set of Coats & Clarks Embroidery thread. But oh trying to cross match the thread even using the My Thread Box software can be a challenge. If you don't have too much of the other thread I would start to collect the Madiera, that is what I am going to start doing. I also have seperate machines too, I am not that inclined either. I figured if one that had both went down and needed service I could not do anything at least with only one down I still have the other machine. Here's my email if you need to get in touch. LMTCreativeDesigns@comcast.net



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