Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Etsy Coupons

On twitter today I found a web site where you can publish your Etsy Coupon code.  I do not know how it works but I did put my Christmas in July sale coupon on the site.  Here's the link   

I do also put my coupon on Twitter and Facebook and the "My Etsy" on facebook

By the way, my coupon code is cijs2011 and is 10% off any items in my shop.

Also put my coupon on the Indie discounts which is another place to publicise your coupons.

Just a couple of places to use your coupon code.  If anyone has others, just leave a comment.

Monday, March 7, 2011

History of Crochet

I have just seen an fantastic article on Crochet.  It has some of the history of crochet and also many of the different types of crochet and references as to where you can find the instructions on how to do the many variations.  I found it because the author used one of my items in her article.  It was the Irish Hearts Doily made using the technique of Irish Crochet but with a thicker thread.  Here's the link to my item.

This article is very well done and had a lot of thought put into.  The author has a booth on Etsy and is also a member of etsyhookers team and the wwwg team.  Here's a link to the article:

Here's a link to her shop on Etsy

She has some very interesting items in her shop, but whether you crochet or not her article is very interesting because it displays so many of the different areas of crochet.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miss the Promotion Thread on Etsy?

Do you miss the old forums on Etsy?  Well a web site known as "Unofficial Etsy Forums".  They have numerous topics to post under similiar to the old etsy forum topics.  I especially like that they have a Promotion thread where you can list new items, your blog, sales etc. 

I used to post in the Promotion thread whenever I added a new item.  Miss looking at  the sales and items being added all the time.  The nice thing about the promotion thread a buyer does not have to look under every team to find what they might be interested.  Not every buyer will check each team.  Posting a new item on your team probably will not generate a buyer (which is really the object) because they make the same things.

This new place to post has the old format promotion thread.  Here's the link

So whether you are a buyer or seller take a look at the unofficial Etsy Forums.  Hope it is very successful.

As you can see I don't usually have a lot of time, and haven't blogged in a long time but thought this might be helpful.

Also there is an Etsy Member that recently had a tragedy--Here's the link to the information

I have added both links to my tweeter, thank you to the people whom started this site.


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