Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kids On Etsy

Well it has been a really long time since I have written anything here, but I came across a treasury put together by a Grandmother.  She had just helped her 5 year old granddaughter open a shop on Etsy, so she decided to put a treasury together of kids under 12 and their artwork and crafts that have shops.

What a wonderful thing to encourage children.  Just think how thrilling it is to sell your own project, for children it has to be a wonderful feeling. 

The treasury has some really nice items in it and it would be nice for people to view it and click on it and if possible promote it on other venues. 

Children are the future and with a lot of the schools not being able to promote art because of economic reasons it would be nice if we all tried to help  all of these individuals.

I will try to feature different individual shops of these children as I have time, which I know as you do is very limited.  But as a start, here is the link to the treasury:


Thanks you for reading this and let's all promote the kids.


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