Wednesday, July 31, 2013

E-Bay and their DSR Syster.

I just read a complaint on e-bay from a buyer about sellers who don't leave feedback.  I always leave feedback as soon as I ship the item which is the next business day.  I also give refunds on any shipping charges that are over what the actual shipping cost is.  (E-bay does not credit me on the shipping fee charges either).
 I just had a lady who ordered a crochet hanging towel which almost everyone know is a half of a kitchen towel--she said it wasn't what she expected and was small--even though it was the same as all that I have sold which is in the thousands in person and on the internet on selling sites.  She left one positive feedback and one neutral.  When I saw this I offered her the money back and that she could just donate the towel to charity--she refused and said don't worry about it--The damage was already done by her,  she left terrible dsr's.  I had all 5's on my dsr for 3 months and 88 sales--now they have gone way down,  from 5's to 4.92 that is on 89 transactions.  Think how low they would be if I didn't have as many transactions and if I hadn't had all the 5's.

I know there is nothing that e-bay will do about her, but some sellers who really try to do their best run into a buyer (very infrequent buyer her feedback in only 10).   

E-bay should eliminate the dsr's.  Some Buyers like her take advantage of them.

Also some advice for buyers--if you have a problem, contact the seller before you ruin their record--they may be willing to do something to make it right or at least compensate you.

Haven't written anything in a long time but had to get this off my mind--no sense in complaining to E-bay they wouldn't do anything anyway. 

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