Saturday, February 27, 2010

An E-bay Sob Story, I have a store on e-bay which I have had for a number of years. When e-bay started their dsr ratings awhile ago there were a lot of objections and buyer's posting wrong dsr ratings. Well nothing has changed.The first low rating I got was from a customer who didn't pay until I filed a non-payment. That person gave me a low dsr rating on the shipping. Now again one of the last 5 that posted gave me a low drs on shipping. Now I do not charge handling and the shipping usually costs me money. If you were to look at the items these people bought and the amount they were charged for shipping you would know they were not charged more than what it costs.The next item on the list is shipping time, now I have a 5 rating but I should. As soon as I receive payment, I ship the item and notify the buyer. The only time this does not occur is Sunday or a Holiday. If that is the case I contact the buyer and tell them it will be shipped the next day that the Post Office is open.On communication I always e-mail the buyers and notify them of shipping and if delayed because the post office is closed I e-mail them.I have contacted e-bay about the latest low rating and of course they will do nothing. Because I am a small seller this low rating really affects my standing.When is e-bay going to treat sellers with proper customer service. After all we are their customers not the buyers. When are they going to understand that buyers should not have the power over sellers. As far as shipping charges go, when I have purchased items from some sellers, sometimes their cheap price is made up for by high shipping charges. It is up to me as a customer if I want to pay it. I have never marked a seller down over shipping charges because I agreed to them when I purchased the item.I have read in numerous instances that unfair dsr's have caused many sellers to have their ratings reduced. E-bay needs to change this policy and eliminate them altogether and just go with the feedback they way they used to. DSR's are a flawed system.

Here are the shipping charges for the last five, one of them left the low score:
Plate, charged 5.65 actual shipping charge 8.10
Towel charged 2.00 actual 1.90
Doily charged 2.00 actual 1.55
Sweater charged 4.90 (issued $3.00 refund) cost 1.90
Towel charged 1.50 actual 1.73

Guess e-bay wants me to pay the total shipping charge and ship free. All those items included boxes and the plate a lot of bubble wrap to protect it. With the low selling prices I use I can't afford completely free shipping.
To visit my store just click anywhere on the article and you will be redirected to my e-bay store, from there you can look at the feedback and that no one has been overcharged for shipping.

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  1. I know how you feel.

    What about all this new stuff they're doing saying they are going to have the best pricing ever? They are causing me to think about closing my store because it is going to cost me a lot more than it used to.



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