Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thread Artist Promotion

On etsy they have a place where you can post promotions and it is free. I have found that it works as well or better than the showcases. I have never been in a treasury so I can't comment on that.
All you have to do is go to community, forums, and under forums scroll down to promotions. I have been posting our team on there as often as I can. You can either add to the post or create your own.
I have also posted on other promotions, and have created my own posts. I believe it helps in traffic to your site.This is the link to the promotion I have made
This is the link to the promotion main page:
The idea is to keep the post going to the beginning of the list.Try it, maybe it will helpKaren


  1. I have just recently joined the Etsy thread Team too! Your items are just gorgeous! I'm so glad I joined this team!


  2. Glad I joined your group. You always come up with great workable online art ideas and good thing is they all are very cool.



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